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Patients can purchase Lovaza to help lower triglyceride levels in the blood. It is often prescribed to treat Hypertriglyceridemia (excessively high Triglyceride levels), and also to help prevent heart attacks. It is manufactured by GlazoSmithKline, and is known as Omacor in Europe.

Lovaza contains Fish Oils, which are converted by the body into omega-3 fatty acids. It works by reducing triglyceride levels in the body. Patients who have healthy triglyceride levels are less likely to suffer from heart attacks than patients with high triglyceride levels.

Patients should always follow the advice of their physician in relation to their use and dosage of Lovaza. Generally, however, they will be required to take four 1g capsules daily. These may be taken as either four capsules once a day, or two tablets twice a day. The capsules must be swallowed whole, and must not be broken, chewed or dissolved, as this could affect how they are absorbed into the body.

While taking Lovaza, patients should try to lead a healthy lifestyle, with a low fat diet and plenty of exercise. They will usually be told to start a low lipid (fat) diet before they start taking Lovaza, as Lovaza will only be prescribed if diet and lifestyle does not have enough of an effect on triglyceride levels. Each capsule contains EPA, DHA, and ethyl ester, which is produced from a number of other fish oils.

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Does Lovaza have any Side Effects?

Patients may experience side effects such as back pain, an upset stomach, a mild skin rash, belching, and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. More serious side effects may include chest pain, fever, irregular heartbeat or flu symptoms. Patients who experience any serious or prolonged side effects should seek immediate medical advice.

Some patients may be more likely to experience adverse effects than others when they use Lovaza. For this reason, they should ensure that they inform their physician of their full medical history, including any allergies, history of any conditions such as diabetes, liver disease or hypothyroidism, and their alcohol use before they buy Lovaza.

As the oils contained in Lovaza are derived from fish oils, it is possible that patients with allergies to fish could suffer from a reaction to Lovaza. Patients with such allergies will require additional monitoring, and it may be decided that the capsules are not suitable for them.

Lovaza 1g capsules are transparent and contain light yellow oil. Patients can order Lovaza in bottles of 60 or 120 capsules. The capsules must be stored in the container in which they are bought, at 25 degrees celsius, away from sources of heat, light and moisture. They must be kept out of the reach of children and animals.

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