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Restasis is the brand name for cyclosporine ophthalmic solution. It is classified as an Immunosuppressant and is only available on prescription. Individuals who buy Restasis have usually been prescribed the medication to increase tear production and alleviate chronic dry eye symptoms. Many doctors prescribe Restasis to patients who have to use lubricating eye drops more than once a day. It is safe for use by adults and children over the age of 16.

The precise dosage and frequency of application vary greatly when doctors order Restasis; they are determined by reviewing the patient's individual medical history, considering their age and the condition that is being treated. Once the dosage and schedule have been determined, they should not be changed in any way without first consulting with a doctor.

Basic cleanliness is necessary to preserve the purity and quality of Restasis. Patients should wash their hands prior to application of the product. Before use, the vial of Restasis should be gently rolled back and forth to mix the solution; never shake a vial of Restasis. The tip of the applicator should not touch the eye, hand or fingers. After the required dose has been administered, keep the eyes closed until the medication has had time to be absorbed. Be sure to rewash the hands after taking the medication, so that no trace of the drug remains.

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Does Restasis have any Side Effects?

Purchase Restasis and read all accompanying material, including details of possible side effects and precautions to be taken. As with many other types of eye drops, the most common side effect of Restasis is burning or irritation of the eyes. Other, less common, side effects may include eye discharge or pain; blurry vision and haloing; red or running eyes; matted eyelashes and itchy skin. All side effects should be reported to the doctor.

Since Restasis may cause vision problems, such as blurriness, it is advisable to avoid operating machinery or driving until it has been determined how the medication will affect the eyes and vision. Frequent visits to the doctor may be necessary in order to ensure that the medication is as effective as it should be; if dosages should be increased or reduced or if the medication needs to be discontinued. People who are allergic to cyclosporine or have an active eye infection should not use Restasis. Patients with herpes lesions on the cornea of their eye should talk to their doctor before using Restasis.

People with chronically dry eyes, who wear contact lenses, are usually advised to stop wearing their lenses when they begin using Restasis, although the doctor may permit wearing them if the patient waits at least 15 minutes after applying a dose of Restasis before inserting them. Of course, any unusual irritation or redness should be reported to the doctor and the lenses should be removed and the eye flushed immediately.

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