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Actonel * 35mg 12 $332.52 $43.00 $289.52 or 87%
Actos * 45mg 112 $885.36 $91.00 $794.36 or 90%
Advair * 50/250mcg 180 doses $759.90 $155.00 $604.90 or 80%
Celebrex * 200mg 100 $437.58 $64.00 $373.58 or 85%
Crestor * 20mg 100 $524.28 $74.00 $450.28 or 86%
Evista * 60mg 100 $461.55 $78.00 $383.55 or 83%
Flomax * 0.4 mg 100 $446.76 $72.00 $374.76 or 84%
Lexapro * 20mg 100 $459.00 $59.00 $400.00 or 87%
Nexium * 40mg 100 $676.93 $36.00 $640.93 or 95%
Premarin   0.625mg 84 $214.71 $41.00 $173.71 or 81%
Prevacid * 30mg 100 $170.00 $63.00 $107.00 or 63%

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Popular Medications
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