Is Too Much Sitting Killing You?
Posted on 23 February, 2015  in Health

Scientists have known for some time that sitting down for hours each day isn’t very good for your health in the long term. But a recent review of 47 studies that looked at the health effects of sitting has found that sitting all day long can have negative health effects for everyone — even the

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Delirium and Dementia May Be Pneumonia Symptoms in Older Adults
Posted on 19 February, 2015  in COPD

Confusion and disorientation in senior citizens may not always be Alzheimer’s disease. Research links temporary mental ailments like delirium and dementia to common underlying infections, most likely pneumonia. An antibiotic like Levaquin (Levofloxacin) that fights bacterial infections can help you recover from both conditions. Access this pharmacy’s contact information and hours with one easy click.

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Excess Alcohol Causes One in 10 Premature Deaths
Posted on 17 February, 2015  in Health

Alcohol ranks as the fourth greatest source of preventable deaths after smoking, insufficient nutrition, and inadequate physical activity. A study found that overindulging in alcohol accounts for one in 10 deaths per year among working-age adults. These fatalities go beyond the typical cirrhosis of the liver and drunken car crashes. The researchers determined that binge

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Controlling Asthma Reduces Aging Women’s Secondary Effects
Posted on 10 February, 2015  in Health

Many people think that children are the primary asthma patients, but this chronic lung condition can continue into your senior years, and older people receive new diagnoses as well. Inflamed airways react to irritating triggers like pollen and mold. Swollen air passages narrow and produce extra mucus, which causes chest tightness, breathlessness, wheezing, coughing, and

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Enjoy Valentine’s Day without Gaining Weight
Posted on 9 February, 2015  in Health

If you vowed to lose weight after the holidays, another temptation is approaching. An online reservation service’s survey found that 51 percent of respondents dine out on Valentine’s Day. Instead of celebrating in fattening ways, follow these tips from the Calorie Control Council and other experts. You’ll learn how to avoid compounding the effects of decadent

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Panic Attacks Won’t Cause Your Worst Fears

The National Institutes of Mental Health report that over 4 million Americans struggle with panic attacks. Psychologist Dr. Thomas Richards and other experts explain how this common condition’s terrible and horrifying experiences won’t result in any of the dangers you fear most. Panic mode is your body’s natural reaction to survive threats. When your fight

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