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Canada Drugs: Aggrenox for Stroke


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RX REQUIREDAggrenox (Dipyridamole + ASA) - also known as Asasantin Retard200/25mg60Brand$61.00
RX REQUIREDAggrenox (Dipyridamole + ASA) - also known as Asasantin Retard200/25mg120Brand$99.00
RX REQUIREDAggrenox (Dipyridamole + ASA) - also known as Asasantin Retard200/25mg180Brand$129.00

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RX REQUIREDDipyridamole + ASA (Generic Alternative to Aggrenox)200/25mg60Generic$57.00
RX REQUIREDDipyridamole + ASA (Generic Alternative to Aggrenox)200/25mg120Generic$78.00
RX REQUIREDDipyridamole + ASA (Generic Alternative to Aggrenox)200/25mg180Generic$98.00

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Generic Drug for Aggrenox: Dipyridamole + ASA

About Aggrenox

Aggrenox is a medication that is used to reduce a person's risk for suffering a stroke in individuals who have previously had a transient ischemic attack, known as a mini stroke, or for people who have had a stroke that was caused by a blood clot.

This medication is a combination of aspirin, which reduces inflammation and pain within the body, and dipyridamole, which prevents blood clots by keeping blood platelets from sticking together. These anti-platelet ingredients help to prevent the occurrence of stroke by improving blood flow to the brain and preventing blood clots from forming, which can cause an ischemic stroke.

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