Hearing Loss

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Hearing Loss

One in five Americans over the age of twelve (for a total of 48.1 million Americans) have some kind of hearing loss.

Age-related hearing loss is the number one communicative disorder.

- 4.5 million aged 50-59 (11%) have hearing problems

- Of those 4.5 million only 4.3% use a hearing aid

- Up to 40% of those 60 and older are hearing impaired

- More than 80% of those over 85 are hearing impaired

Speak up please? Did someone ring the doorbell? Did I just miss a call? Can you repeat that? Was that an alarm? Is that a smoke detector?

Create a plan to diagnose and manage hearing loss:

1. Get a hearing screening and a referral to a professional audiologist.

2. Ensure the proper fit and training with appropriate hearing aid device.

3. Realize higher quality of life with proper hearing loss management.

4. Continue to shield from high levels of noise to reduce further damage.

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