Search for Over The Counter (OTC) Products Online now has a huge selection of over-the-counter medications and pharmacy products. These products do not require a prescription. We have a huge selection of pain, cold & flu and allergy medications and well as products to help you quit smoking. No need to drive to the local pharmacy, order all of your pharmacy products from the comfort of your home. Search products by name or browse our categories below. As always, we offer a price beat guarantee.

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Popular Over The Counter (OTC) Products

Product Category Product Category
Actifed Cold & AllergyAllergy & Sinus Actifed PlusAllergy & Sinus
Allegra 12 Hour Allegra DAllergy & Sinus
Allegra TabletsAllergy & Sinus Benadryl Allergy
Drixoral Cold & Sinus Otrivin SprayAllergy & Sinus
Sudafed 12 Hour Sudafed PE Decongestant
Sudafed Sinus Advanced Advil Cold & Sinus CapletsCough, Cold & Flu
Advil Cold & Sinus Day/NightCough, Cold & Flu Advil Cold & Sinus LiquigelsCough, Cold & Flu
Advil Cold & Sinus PlusCough, Cold & Flu Chloraseptic LozengesCough, Cold & Flu
Chloraseptic SprayCough, Cold & Flu Cold FXCough, Cold & Flu
DimeTapp ColdCough, Cold & Flu Neo Citran Extra StrengthCough, Cold & Flu
Robitussin DMCough, Cold & Flu Tylenol Cold Extra Strength DayCough, Cold & Flu
Tylenol Cold Extra Strength NightCough, Cold & Flu Visine Original DropsEye & Ear Care
Visine WorkplaceEye & Ear Care Generic AcetaminophenPain & Fever
Bengay Ultra StrengthPain & Fever Generic IbuprofenPain & Fever
Preparation H CreamPain & Fever RobaxacetPain & Fever
Robaxacet Extra StrengthPain & Fever Robax PlatinumPain & Fever
Habitrol PatchesSmoking Cessation Nicoderm PatchesSmoking Cessation
Nicorette GumSmoking Cessation Nicorette InhalerSmoking Cessation
Thrive GumSmoking Cessation Freestyle Test StripsDiabetes Care
Monoject SyringesDiabetes Care   
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