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Parkinson's Disease Medicine

Parkinson’s Disease is a central nervous system degenerative disease, affecting the midbrain which controls the body’s motor movements. Parkinson’s is marked by typically slow or jerky movements, shaking, and trouble walking. Cognitive and behavioral changes also develop, often leading to dementia and depression. While Parkinson’s can affect adults of any age, it is more common with older adults over the age of 50.

There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease, but symptoms can be managed with surgery or using medication to increase dopamine in the body. The main types of medications prescribed to manage symptoms are levodopa, COMT inhibitors, dopamine agonists and MAO-B inhibitors. Your movement disorder specialist (a doctor specially trained in neurology and treating Parkinson’s) can prescribe the medication that is appropriate for your specific needs. Find your medication needs here at Canada's best online pharmacy!.

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