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Obesity refers to a ratio of body fat that is harmful to your health. This can be a result of consuming more calories than are being burned off, diet and lifestyle, genetics, or other factors. An excess of body fat can cause heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, or Type 2 diabetes. There are 78 million Americans with obesity, and 500 million global cases of obesity. It is a serious health issue, and is currently the second most preventable cause of death in the US.

When decreasing caloric intake and increasing exercise are not sufficient for reaching a healthy BMI, some people may incorporate weight-loss medicine to help attain health goals and prevent obesity-related diseases. Weight-loss drugs like Topamax minimize appetite and help you eat less frequently or smaller quantities. Another weight-loss medication that Canada Drug Pharmacy offers is Orlistat, which keeps the intestines from absorbing fat calories. Speak to your doctor about whether weight-loss drugs can be beneficial in your weight management program.

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